The Art of Wedding Flower Selection

flowerYes, you may have an experience with flowers before, say your prom or Valentine’s Day celebration, but the selection of wedding flowers will always be different. This one needs special attention and at the same time requires expertise and experience. If you aren’t sure when it comes to flower options and styles to follow, you need to work with a bridal florist.

Interview professional florists

In order for you to have varying options, meet at least three florists and examine their offers through prices, styles and personalities. If you don’t know where to find them, the manager of the wedding reception location can be able to recommend one. If not, you can ask the chapel managers because they are usually working with florists for chapel floral decoration. Going online is also well recommended only if you are going to use reputable local listings.

Always be ready

When you visit a local wedding florist, there are three things that you need to prepare such as budget, numbers and style. According to wedding planners, the budget for the flowers should be three percent of the overall wedding cost. This percentage is more than enough to get fresh blooms and floral decors. The next thing to decide on is the number or the quantity. How many people are you going to cater? You should start counting ahead. The last one is the style. Do you want it to be romantic, mod, simple or lavish? If you have some inspirations then you need to discuss it with the wedding florist.

What to bring in the appointment with the florist

Aside from preparing the three things mentioned beforehand, it is also essential to bring the following things during the appointment: wedding dress’ photo, swatch of the bridesmaids’ dresses, file of cutouts bridal flower designs and photographs of the reception location. These things will help the florist visualize everything related to your wedding so you should bring them without fail. If you cannot then learn how to describe accurately.

If you want to get the job done correctly and with the best aesthetics, work with wedding florists who are reputable in the local area. Your wedding flowers are just a portion of your overall planning, but like other elements they are as important as your dresses, engagement rings and venue.